Behin Tarh Paidar Co. Behin Tarh Paidar Co. Behin Tarh Paidar Co. شرکت بهین طرح پایدار شرکت بهین طرح پایدار Behin Tarh Paidar Co. Behin Tarh Paidar Co. Behin Tarh Paidar Co.
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About Company
Main company's activity features categorize to Engineering, Commercial, Executional as follow :
1) Engineering :
- Consulting and Supervision
- Conceptual , basic and detail design
- Procurement Engineering
- Feasibility study
- Technical and Financial proposal for tenders
2) Commercial :
- Procurement of industrial equipment and commodities from local and foreign resources lead on wide and effective relations
- Adoption agencies from credible foreign manufactures
- Foreign Branch Establishment regarding to promote business activities and accelerate service providing
- Foreign and local investment consulting in industrial field
3) Executional :
- Participation in construction of industrial projects with other college contractor companies as technical partner
- Cooperation at establishment of project companies frame work such as B.O.O, B.O.T, …, solution
High Light Achievements :
- Share holder of Pol o dej International Company with aim of EPC projects.
- Share holder of Qeshm Movaled Company 500 MW combine cycle power plant of PASARGAD owner located at Qeshm free zone.( B.O.O)
- Behin Tarh Paidar Co. is going to qualify by Iran Consultant Engineers Society and M.P.O.R.G. as Graded Consultant in the field of :
    1) Energy Group: Power Production , Transmission and Distribution Industries .
    2) Oil Group : Oil and Gas Refineries and Petrochemical Industries .