Behin Tarh Paidar Co. Behin Tarh Paidar Co. Behin Tarh Paidar Co. شرکت بهین طرح پایدار شرکت بهین طرح پایدار Behin Tarh Paidar Co. Behin Tarh Paidar Co. Behin Tarh Paidar Co.
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Welcome To Behin Tarh Paidar Co. web site .
Company Introduction :
Behin Tarh Paidar Co. has established with the goal of consulting, Design and Engineering, Fabrication and procurement of industrial goods and equipment, construction and commissioning services in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Energy, Onshore and Offshore fields .
Company Vision and Mission :
The main mission of our company is beneficial and effective using of local specialist's capabilities in order to submit high qualitative services through the creation a dynamic work environment. Base on our company name and heart beliefs, the vision of our company is to create Behin Tarh Paidar ( It means : The best stable effect ).
Quality Policy :
We believe that customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors in a company's prosperity so we follow this principle through continuous improvement of services by :
- Conformity with national and international standards .
- Employment of experienced and viable human resources parallel with creation of appropriate organization structure .
- Doing commitments with acceptable precision according work schedule and applying up to date managerial and organizational control methods and modern softwares .
- Close and regular relation with costumers and get their feedbacks in order to continuous improvement .